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About Melissa

Over the course of my lifetime I have maintained a strong interest in health and wellness. From a young age I felt that there was a connection between our mental and physical health. Based on that conviction, I spent my undergraduate years learning biochemistry and psychology and supported myself financially by teaching pilates.  As a teacher, I observed the deep connection in body and mind and how profoundly change in one could effect the other. I wanted to understand the mechanisms of the body mind connection, so I earned my Master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology where I learned how  physiology, emotions, and thoughts are intertwined. I'm so excited to bring this information into the world to help people create better lives!

As a clinician, I am passionate about supporting young and middle age women. The passion I bring to this work is through my own healing journey as a trauma survivor. I deeply enjoy working with creative, brave, smart, motivated women who are committed to creating change in themselves and in their lives. When we embrace ourselves fully, we discover lives and possibilities we had not known existed. Over and over again clients and I discover that the most important relationship is the relationship we create with ourselves. The way we relate to our inner self and inner world creates our reality and the entire foundation for all of our other relationships. I am passionate about helping people heal their inner rifts, and then discover themselves anew and create the life that inspires them now! Other people I really enjoy

working with are artists (writers, performing artists, musicians, dancers), and other healthcare professionals of all disciplines. 

I spent several years in psychosocial cancer research at the University of Michigan where we explored how distress impacts cancer patients and survivors. I had the opportunity to present our work at national scientific conferences and to co-author papers that were ​published in

peer reviewed journals. For several years I enjoyed teaching psychology in the community college setting.

Part of my training included performing psychological assessment for a small local office.

For the past 20 years I have practiced yoga, meditation, and dance. I am a Reiki Master, trained to level 2

of Esoteric Healing, and am dedicated to my own personal growth and healing. 

I completed level 2 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training, which allows for deeper somatic

​and trauma based work with a particular focus on relationship.