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As therapists, we need one another. I know I would not be the clinician (or human) I am today if it were not for the many exemplary professionals I have consulted, either regularly or in special circumstances. No other job I have had offers such profound opportunity for growth and transformation. Our work can be intensely rewarding, and also isolating and challenging in ways that can tap out our energy. We need to not only continue to build clinical knowledge and skills, but also develop the skills to take care of ourselves so we can thrive as we do this special and challenging work.

Clinical knowledge is important, yet we must learn how to take care of ourselves in and out of the treatment room to be viable in the long-term. The best methods fail if we can not sustain our life force energy. Our empathy and compassion fall flat and sound fake. Our interventions sound canned and rehearsed. 

This kind of support is not only important for therapists, but healthcare workers of all disciplines. Many healthcare workers are unknowingly facing trauma everyday and developing vicarious trauma. We face pain, life, and death to a closer degree than other professions, and most humans could imagine. I am excited to share what I have learned and continue to discover to create a robust health care community in Southeast Michigan and beyond.

Each of us has our own experience and intelligence that is the lens through which we interpret all the information we are given about how to be a "good" therapist or healthcare professional. There are as many paths as there are people. I am happy to offer my cultivated professional perspective on cases (clinical knowledge) and what is arising inside you, the therapist, as you travel on this journey of healing.

Parallel process is a real thing, further emphasizing our need for support and attendance to our own transformation as we offer our amazing work.

Consultation rates either in person or over phone/Zoom:

Individual: $130/hr

Groups of 2: $160/hr