The type of couples work I offer is based on attachment and trauma informed, somatic perspectives. Often couples come together with a lot of attraction then enter difficult stage as the reality of each individual sets in. Often compatible early life wounds make the relationship challenging, and a potentially remarkable arena for great healing together and individually. Together, we will work to understand the patterns in your relationship and how they are no longer supporting your growth together, as well as the patterns that do work.

Relationships depend on the growth of the the individuals as well as the couple, and how well each individual manages the dance of closeness and distance. Negotiating closeness and distance can be very triggering to one or both people in the relationship.

Some of my inspiration in couples work is drawn from the work of Jayson Gaddis, Sue Johnson, Gay Hendricks, and the Gottmans.

I offer therapy for couples of any gender orientation. To honor the diversity of clients I wish to serve, I have declined to place images on this page so as to not suggest preference for any gender orientation or partnership agreements.


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