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Biographies & Autobiographies of Inspirational People
​The Naked Civil Servant     Quentin Crisp
​Ghandi An Autobiography: The Story of My

     Experiments with Truth

              Mahadev Desai & Sissela Bok
Man's Search for Meaning     Viktor Frankl
Blood Memory: An Autobiography     Martha Graham



Attached     Amir Levine, MD

Brainstorm      Daniel Siegel, MD

CoDependent No More    Melody Beattie

Emotional Unavailability: Recognizing it, Understanding it, and Avoiding it's Trap

​                                               Bryn Collins                 

Conscious Loving (relationship)     Gay Hendricks, PhD

Hold Me Tight (couples communication)     Sue Johnson, PhD

Love Sense (attachment and relationships)     Sue Johnson, PhD

Full Catastrophe Living (mindfulness)     Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Mind Sight (working with your mind)     Daniel J. Siegel, PhD

Vagina (women, creativity, and sexuality)     Naomi Wolfe


The Places that Scare You     Pema Chodron

Living Life in Love     Peter Rengel

The Power of Now     Eckhart Tolle


Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life (cancer)     David   Servan-Schreiber

Blogs and Life

Jennifer Kass

On Being