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Trauma Treatment

If you find yourself living in a nearly constant state of distress, emotional upheaval, chaos, and pain, or dealing with ongoing difficult relationship issues there could be unresolved trauma. Trauma, whether single incident like a car accident, or over a period of time such as in a neglectful home environment may incite a series of disturbing and difficult to manage changes. Clients are surprised to find out that trauma is not defined by near death experiences, and that persistent difficulties are often because of life experiences they never considered to be traumatic. Many people experiencing psychological symptoms of distress are dealing with the effects of trauma. 

Some possible manifestations of trauma may include:

     *sleep disturbance and nightmares

     *overwhelming emotions that seem to arise out of the blue

     *relationship patterns that feel stuck

     *emotional reactivity and/or swings from high states to low states

     *depression and anxiety

     *difficulty feeling safe with other people

     *feelings of wanting to give up

     *isolating behaviors

     *over focus on exercise, eating/restricting food intake, or other behaviors

     *not reaching for your potential, or over focus on work

When seeing a trauma therapist, it is possible to work through traumatic material. By resolving traumatic memory, there is the possibility to create a new and different future where dreams of fulfillment and ease CAN come true.

Old models of trauma treatment involve difficult therapies such as exposure therapy and other harsh and confrontational methods. Imaging studies and neurological research have found that those therapies often create new trauma and vary in effectiveness. New models of trauma therapy are based on principals of here and now safety as a pathway to restoring health and well-being, and include a variety of life affirming principals that naturally draw forth healthier realities. New and ongoing research into trauma treatments by innovative experts such as Bessel Van der Kolk, Kathy Steele, Janina Fisher, and Daniel Siegel have identified many pathways to safe and effective trauma treatment. These researchers and clinicians are my role models, mentors, and teachers. 

Together, we can heal past trauma in gentle, compassionate, safe and effective ways. There is hope and a new beginning for you!